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Phoenix Towing Companies

Apr 10

Have you ever wondered what you would do if the car pulled over on the side of a road? Although you might hope this doesn't happen, it is important to be prepared. If you are stuck on the side roads, towing services may be the best choice.

Phoenix, Arizona towing companies not only offer reliable assistance but also provide skilled assistance in a wide variety of situations. Here are six facts that will help you better understand towing services.

1. Recognize the purpose and benefits of towing services

Many reasons can justify the need for towing services. These are some of the top reasons motorists should hire towing services.

  • A collision was caused by another vehicle.

  • The engine is too hot.

  • Transmission failure

  • The gas tank has run dry.

  • If your car is stuck in snow, dirt, or a ditch, it will not move.

  • A punctured tire

  • Jump-starting batteries

  • If you lock your keys inside your car, towing may be required.

2. Be aware of the different types of vehicles that can be towed.

You might wonder if towing services are available for all types of vehicles. Towing companies often have motorbikes, vehicle trailers, and all-terrain vehicles in addition to passenger cars (ATVs).

Numerous towing companies offer heavy duty towing. Towing heavy-duty includes buses, garbage trucks and semi-tractor trailers. You can tow any type of vehicle.

3. Find out the difference between a tow truck driver and a wrecker driver

Both wreckers and tow truck drivers can tow cars. Tow truck drivers cannot do any type of maintenance on cars. However, a wrecker can tow the vehicle and also perform on-site repairs or maintenance.

4. Learn more about the various types of tow trucks

Tow truck drivers are able to safely tow any type of vehicle without damaging it.

  • There are many types and sizes of tow trucks.

  • Hydraulic flatbeds can be described as a type of hydraulic flatbed. This flatbed can be loaded onto a vehicle using hydraulic control via a ramp.

  • Towing services in one place This tow truck can be used for heavy-duty trucks. Additional axles are available.

  • A cable and a hook. This is the most popular towing method for vehicles with damage. This combination uses a hook and a chain.

  • A lift for the wheels. To secure the car, the appropriate equipment is used for either the front or rear drive wheels.

  • Wreckers and tow truck drivers will both use the same tow truck. Tow truck drivers can help vehicles that are stuck in any weather or place.

5. Take into account the price of towing services.

Towing services typically cost $75 to $125. Towing costs include a $50 hookup fee and the first five- to ten miles of driving time by the driver. A tow truck driver will charge $2-$4 per mile after the vehicle has been towed for five to ten miles. You could pay up to $450 for 100-mile transportation of your vehicle.

These are the factors that affect the price of towing services

  • Distance between two points

  • Type of vehicle

  • Time and date

  • To request a towtruck, make sure your insurance company covers it. Towing services are also covered by roadside assistance memberships.

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