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Coast Tradelines Review

Jan 25


Coast Tradelines Review

Coast Tradelines is unique in the tradelines industry due to their tradeline bundles with a variety of tranches

Coast Tradelines was founded in 2010 as Strong Tower Tradelines. Later on, they integrated the Verifico platform into their technology suite however in 2019 they struck out on their own with a new name and brand. Coast Tradelines.

Coast Trade Lines

Coast Tradelines

Coast Tradelines was founded in 2010 under the name Strong Tower Tradelines. With time, they started incorporating the Verifico platform to their suite of technologies, however, in 2019, they decided to strike independently and rebranded the business Coast Tradelines.


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Numerous tradelines
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Coast Tradelines was founded in 2010 in the form of Strong Tower Tradelines

Over time they incorporated Verifico platform into their suite of technology, but in 2019 they struck out independently and changed their name to Coast Tradelines. Coast Tradelines.

Coast Tradelines is unique in the industry of tradelines because they offer tradeline bundles, which are offered in various varieties. Coast's focus of volume allows it to organize tradeline bundles that lower prices. This is why Coast provides excellent value to retail customers and brokers.

They also offer a validation of EINs, SSNs and CPNs (up to 10 at per time) to help users determine if they have any issues with those numbers that could affect any credit ratings. Diversification makes them stand out from smaller, single-proprietor stores that provide individual tradelines.

Coast CEO Andy also sees an opportunity in the lack of understanding among the public of how tradelines work and a subsequent fear of certain providers of tradelines. He has led Coast Tradelines to develop tech-first solutions for problems with customer service that include phone, text online chat, email, and other options for customers. Additionally, Coast's client service staff members are friendly, helpful and patient when explaining the complexities of tradelines and credit scores.

Another sign that Coast is dedicated to quality is its website with informative content and a frequently asked pages and a vast glossary to help customers find answers to their questions and help customers make an informed decision before purchasing.

Coast Tradelines Strengths

Coast Tradelines' unique bundling of tradelines is what sets them apart in the market. This allows them to offer the best value for money at a reduced cost to both consumers and brokers. When combined with their other special products like ID validation as well as a comprehensive range of educational resources, Coast's products place them at the top of tradeline services.

Coast also shines in its customer service. We contacted Coast for information and assistance, the representatives were pleasant and knowledgeable. The responses to our questions were all in a quick time. Additionally, you can get updates or answers by phone, via text messages, or on the website.

Coast Tradelines Areas for Improvement

Although the educational materials offered by Coast are excellent, some competitors have more videos as well as other tutorials that can help the new customer navigate through their purchasing experience.

The stock they carry is typically sold out quickly, which isn't great for buyers who are in search of a tradeline before the beginning of the year, however, it does show Coast is trusted and loved by its clients.

Is Coast Tradelines Right for You?

If you're an existing customer or a broker looking for the most amount of value, Coast Tradelines is a an excellent option. Their excellent customer service and deep industry experience make finding the best deal simple.

Coast prides itself in giving its customers complete control over the quantity and varieties of tradelines they're considering. With top scores for prices, customer service, and trustworthiness, Coast is a great alternative to buying tradelines.

  • A huge selection of stocks allows Coast to offer the lowest prices
  • Unique features like tradeline bundles, ID validation and ID verification
  • The process is straightforward and has no hidden charges
  • An overwhelming amount of stock can overwhelm at times.
  • The company doesn't accept credit-card payments.
  • Very poor customer service during the weekend
Overall 4.5/5

Coast Tradelines's combination of low prices, large inventory choices and professional service makes them a solid choice. The added services offered such as tradeline bundles and ID verification are attractive for both retail customers as well as brokers.

Pricing 4/5

Coast offers some lowest rates in the business due to their volume of top quality trade lines. Achieving low cost is a top priority for the company , which is evident in the bulk of the purchase of their tradelines.

Inventory 4/5

There are over 400 lines available every month, although the stocks are quickly dwindling. Each line is seasoned and top-quality.

Customer Experience 4.5/5

Coast Tradelines website is well laid out and easy to navigate. The forms are easy and simple to use. Customer service usually responds within 24 hours through either phone or email messages.

Trustworthiness 4/5

The sales team is knowledgeable and speak with confidence to client concerns. All purchases are made in writing which enhances user security and also ensures the company has 10 years of experience in the industry.

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