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Find out how much do you pay for your next event!

Jan 23

The cost of hiring a party bus varies depending on the dimensions of the bus and model, as well as the number of passengers, the season of the year, as well as the region of rental.


Why do you think it's such a high cost to rent party buses?


For most companies that operate in Brisbane, regular rental of party buses Brisbane costs ranges from $249 to $400+ per hour. Our hourly rates at AM PM can range from $175 up to $289. This is considerably lower than other companies.


One of the best ways to experience fun is to have friends on your terms. Party buses are available for the rental however there are a few factors to take into consideration prior to stepping out on the road. For instance, what type of bus do you want!


Renting an SUV might seem more fun because they offer plenty of room for all passengers, but they're not always the best option if it's just going from Point A to B without any stops along with the way or sightseeing activities planned. Mini Coopers are a smaller alternative. They provide speed and space, yet let people access their bathroom during transport.


What are the factors that affect pricing and why Do Party Bus Rates Vary?


In calculating the cost of party bus Brisbane rentals, a number of factors are considered.


  • Dimensions of the Vehicle


A party bus with 30 people will cost more than a 16-passenger vehicle. There are several sizes of limousine buses to ensure that groups of people are able to select the one that fits their needs the best. This will ensure that smaller groups do not have to pay more for smaller spaces.

  • Vehicle class


This is essential as your group is likely to want the most comfortable ride, and also save the cost. A luxury vehicle that comes with an array of modern-day conveniences is more expensive than a more basic, typical rental.


Do your homework prior to hiring an event bus. It is not uncommon for rental firms to provide old, inefficient vehicles or, even worse, improvised party buses derived from older school buses. It's essential to ensure that the bus you rent has all the amenities that the guests will need.


  • Region of travel


Terrain, accessibility, and ease of navigation, gas prices National Park fees and other variables can affect the cost of a party bus rental so rates may vary depending on the destination.


  • Date of departure


The time of day, the season and the time of day all affect the cost of a party bus rental. Rentals for party buses in Brisbane are more costly at times of high demand, such as the winter break and graduation.


There is a chance that you won't be able to hire a party bus at peak times. A minimum of four hours of the rental time is required. The cost of the bus is also determined by the time of the day since heavy traffic seasons require longer travel times and require extra rental hours to accommodate special occasions.


  • Amenities


If you pay an additional fee Party buses generally have several "bells and whistles." Prices may increase depending on the number of extra benefits you wish to offer your guests.


In the city's heart, you'll find many things happening. There are many things that could be seen in a day in order to sightsee! The party-goers can hire one of these cars to get between locations at convenient times on weekends and weekdays. Hire of a party bus in Brisbane is quite reasonable but it's not necessarily less expensive than other means of transport particularly on large occasions like those that are highly sought-after and in short supply.

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